To speed up your service fill in the receipt (filling in a receipt is obligatory for 18+ adult visitors) - Voucher
Section 1. General Provisions
1.1 Aquapark "Atoll" is a multifunctional complex of swimming pools and water attractions, located at: Kstovo, Lenina Sq 5.

1.2. These Rules are mandatory for all Visitors without exception, located on the Aquapark territory. The visitor is obliged to carefully read these rules. Receipt of a cash register check / or electronic bracelet is evidence that the Visitor is familiar with these Rules, fully agrees with them and agrees to comply with them, bearing the risk of adverse consequences if they are violated.

1.3. The visitor is responsible for the consequences arising in the the Aqua Park territory because of ignorance / or non-observance of these Rules / or instructions (rules) concerned the using of water attractions on the Water Park territory.

Section 2. General rules for the use of Aquapark services

2.1. The right to visit the "Atoll" water park is provided only to persons who received an electronic bracelet.

2.2. Visitors have the right to be on the territory of the Aquapark only at established hours. The operating hours of the water park are indicated at the entrance, at the Consumer Corner, and on the company's website.

2.3. The stay time in the Aquapark is controlled by the visitor independently. Dressing, showering and drying hair is included in total stay in the water park.

2.4. All attractions stop working 30 minutes before the closure of the water park.

2.5. Visitors should respect each other and not interfere with the rest of other visitors.

2.6. Any photo and video shooting without coordination with the administration of the water park is forbidden on the territory of the water park. It is forbidden to use images of the water park logo, video and photographic materials for advertising, commercial purposes without the administration permission. Only the Administration has the exclusive right to publish photographic materials, broadcast video films shot in the Aquapark.

2.7. In order to ensure the safety of visitors, they are monitored throughout the Aquapark (except  changing cabins, showers and toilets).

2.8. In accordance with Art. 32 of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights" and Article 782 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation for the services rendered, the Aquapark does not return any money.

2.9. Visitors must comply with the requirements of the Aquapark employees regarding security, maintenance of order and cleanliness in the Aquapark territory.

2.10. If there are some emergency situations, visitors are obliged to immediately leave the Water Park.

2.11. The administration has the right to suspend the sale of tickets if the norm of people staying in the water park is exceeded.

2.12. The number of free sun loungers, umbrellas, special equipment for lowering (inflatable circles) is limited, that is why the administration does not accept any complaints about the inconveniences associated with it.

Section 3. The ban on water park visiting

3.1. The right to visit the Aquapark is available to people of all age categories, except for exceptions provided by these Rules.

3.2. Visiting the Aquapark is prohibited to visitors suffering from infectious and other diseases that can pose a threat to the health of other visitors (contagious skin and venereal, fungal diseases, people with open, infectious wounds, aseptic bandages, etc.). Visitors who violate the prohibitions specified in this clause bear full responsibility for damage to their health, the health of other visitors and related material costs.

3.3. It is forbidden to visit the aqua park with animals

Section 4.
The order of services payment. Electronic bracelet, its purpose and using

4.1. The following tariff policy operates in the Aquapark:

- for children up to 5 y/o, a visit to the water park is free,

- for children from 5 to 13 y/o incl., a children's ticket is purchased,

- An adult ticket is purchased by person who at the time of the visit to the water park have already turned 14 (teenagers) with the issuance of a children's bracelet, and persons over 18 with the issue of an adult bracelet.

To confirm the age, persons must present supporting documents.

4.3. The cost of Aquapark services is established by the Price List approved by the Atoll water park director. Prices for tickets and the cost of additional services provided by the Aquapark are indicated in the Aquapark cash desks and on the Internet site. The visitor is obliged to pay Aquapark services in the amount of 100% according to the current price list.

4.4. While purchasing a ticket at the request of the personnel, the person / visitor must present a document proving his identity and age.

4.5. While buying a ticket, the cashier issues to the Visitor a check-cash receipt and an electronic bracelet. The check-cash check must be kept by the visitor until the end of the water park visit.

4.6. Before receiving an electronic bracelet, the visitor must complete a receipt for acquaintance and observance of these rules and responsibility for children. The visitor gives his consent to the processing of his personal data, provided that all personal information will be used only by the executor or his authorized persons acting on the basis of agreements on non-disclosure of confidential data and will not be provided to any third parties.

4.7. The electronic bracelet is an entrance ticket to the Aquapark territory for using the services of swimming pools and attractions, the key from a personal locker, and also a mean of payment for goods and services in the Aquapark. All information about the purchased goods and services is accumulated electronically in a single database of the water park and on the bracelet.

4.9. To pass through the turnstile, the visitor must bring the bracelet to the reader located at the entrance. The calculation of the time spent in the Aquapark starts from the moment of the visitor's passage through the turnstile and ends when the visitor brings the bracelet to the reader (turnstile) at the exit from the Aquapark.

4.10. There are some extra paid services on the territory of the Aqua Park:

- meal in the cafe, bar ;

- other types of services approved by the Administration.

4.11. Cash settlement for rendered by Atoll water park services in the Water Zone of the Water Park is prohibited.

4.12. For people (18+), the virtual electronic loan is credited to the electronic bracelet. The size of the loan is established by the Administration of the water park. While using additional services (meal in the cafe, bar and other types of services approved by the Administration), the amount of purchases is accumulated electronically on the bracelet. You should pay for it when you leave the water park.

4.13. At the exit of the Aquapark, the visitor hands over an electronic bracelet and pays for the services (goods) purchased at the expense of credit funds on an electronic bracelet.

4.14. The electronic bracelet is the property of the Aquapark. The visitor is responsible for the safety and integrity of electronic bracelet that worn on the wrist and presented to the Aquapark employee at his request. The transfer of an electronic bracelet to other visitors is prohibited. When the visitor leaves the water park, the electronic bracelet is handed over to the cashier at the exit turnstile. In case of loss the electronic bracelet or its damage, the visitor is liable in accordance with these rules.

4.15. When you receive the bracelet, you must, without departing from the ticket office, visually inspect it and make sure that there is no damages. Administration doesn't accept and consider visitor's claims about revealing of bracelet damages after his leaving the cash department.

4.16. For exceeding the time limit in the Aquapark (the time that was not paid for), the calculation is as follows:

• excess of the paid stay in the water park (for hourly rates) is paid according to the price list approved by the water park Administration; any time spent in the water park, spent by the Visitor in excess of the fare paid by him, is considered as a delay;

• The fee is calculated at the rates valid at the time of visiting the water park, and needs to be paid before leaving the water park.

Section 5. General rules for the behavior of visitors in the water park

5.1. Bans and restrictions for visitors to the water park:

5.1.1. Visitors are prohibited to bring the personal inflatable circles and other special means for swimming to the water park, except for special children's vests.

5.1.2. It is forbidden to take food and drinks in places directly on those that are not diverted, including in the water pools of the water park, in saunas, etc. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks to the Aquapark, except children's special food, packed in plastic containers.

5.1.3. Smoking is prohibited throughout the Aquapark.

5.1.4. Visitors are forbidden to be in the scenery zone, climb on the rails of platforms, ride on rails, etc.

5.1.5. It is forbidden to use attractions to pregnant women. Visiting a sauna and a bath should be performed only after consulting a doctor.

5.1.6. Visitors (accompanying persons) are prohibited to leave children unattended.

5.1.7. It is forbidden to go down from the slides and use the swimming pools for visitors who can not swim. Administration is not responsible for the security of such Visitors in the case of violation of this Rule. Persons who have reached 18 y/o are fully responsible for themselves and for minors who come with them.

5.1.8. Visitors are obliged to comply with other prohibitions (restrictions) stipulated by these Rules.

5.2.Visitors responsibility:
5.2.1. Before using water attractions, the visitor is obliged to familiarize himself with the safety rules and the order of their use, as well as independently assess the degree of risk and possible consequences. The necessary information on the safety rules and the procedure for the use of attractions can be obtained from the instructors of the Aquapark, from these rules, instructions and instructions of specific attractions.
5.2.2. Visitors who can not swim (as well as children under 12 years old) are required to wear special vests for swimming (provided in the aqua zone free)

5.2.3. The visitor is obliged to comply with these rules, the requirements of instructors, directions and instructions of specific attractions in the territory of the Aquapark.

5.2.4. At the slightest indispositions or traumas the Visitor is obliged to go to the medical point of the Aquapark.

5.2.5. The Visitor must take care of the Aquapark property.

5.3. Visitors rights in the water park:

5.3.1. Visitors can use chairs and loungers free ( that are in the entertainment area ).

5.3.2. If there is misunderstanding how to use the Aquapark services, Visitors can ask the employees for help

5.4. Recommendations for visitors:

5.4.1. Visitors are not recommended to bring expensive and valuable items (decorations, chains, rings, mobile phones, photo and video equipment, etc.) to the Aquapark that can deteriorate under the influence of moisture or can be lost and / or damaged.

5.4.2. Visitors are not recommended to use the services provided in the Aquapark with any type of jewelry or other jewelry that can harm the visitors and / or inventory of the Aquapark.

Section 6. Rights and Obligations of the Administration of the Water Park

6.1. The Administration of the Water Park has the right:

6.1.1. do not allow persons under 16 y/o to enter the Aquapark without accompanying adults;

6.1.2. Do not let people into the Aquapark whose behavior may violate the order of the Aquapark, present danger to other visitors, the hygienic state of the Aquapark and / or contradicts the accepted social norms of conduct; Do not admit to the Aquapark persons who do not agree to abide by these Rules or do not understand them; remove from the Aquapark visitors violating the rules of the Aquapark, not observing the warning signs located on the territory of the Aquapark, indicated on the signs of the requirements that do not comply with the instructions of the staff. In this case, the money to the visitor is not refundable.

6.2. Aqua Park Administration is obliged:

6.2.1. to provide complete and reliable information for providing services and their cost;

6.2.2. For visitor's safety there is always the Aquapark personnel in the area of visitors; ;

Section 7. Rules for Visiting Aquapark by Minors

7.1. Children under 16 y/o are eligible to visit the Aquapark only accompanied by adults who are responsible for them, their safety, as well as for damage caused by them. Adults are capable persons over 18 y/o.

7.2. Children below 120 centimeters are not allowed for all kinds of attractions, except a special children's playground in the entertainment area and certain children's slides.

7.3. Adults are responsible for minors (children, teenagers) while they are on the Aquapark territory.

Section 8. Rules for using the wardrobe

8.1. Before visiting the Aquapark, the Visitor is obliged to put the outer clothing in the wardrobe. It is prohibited to pass on the entertainment territory of  (water) zone in street shoes.

8.2. After putting the outer clothing in the wardrobe, the visitor receives a ticket instead.

8.3. Visitors should not leave money, payment cards, telephones, etc. In the cloakroom. Administration is not liable for loss, money, loss and / or damage  any personal Visitors belongings which are not subject to acceptance in the wardrobe in accordance with these rules.

8.4. After visiting the Water Park, the Visitor is obliged to pick up the things handed over earlier in the wardrobe, returning the number.

Section 9. Rules for using changing rooms, showers and toilets

9.1. After the wardrobe, the Visitor should go to the general locker room with cabanas for changing clothes, change clothes, put things into a personal locker and close it.

9.2. If there are any ambiguities about locking the locker, visitors are obliged to immediately contact the Aquapark staff.

9.3. Before visiting the Aquapark water area and leaving it, the Visitor must take a shower and go through the baths for feet disinfection.

Section 10. Requirements and recommendations on the appearance of visitors and the use of bathing suits

10.1. Visitors (including children) are not allowed to be in the Aquapark in their underwear, in their outer clothing or without bathing suits.

10.2. On the Aquapark territory women should be in synthetic bathing suits, men - in synthetic swimming trunks, small children under 3 years old - in special waterproof diapers. It is not allowed to use bathing suits made of cotton fabric.

10.3. In order to ensure personal safety, it is strictly forbidden to use the attractions and swimming pools of the Aquapark in bathing suits with hanging elements, laces, belts, solid or metallic objects, lightning, rivets, buckles, metal ornaments, etc.

10.4. The administration warns that during the using water attractions bathing suits can become worthless. Claims on this matter are not accepted. The cost of swimwear is not refundable.

10.5. In order to prevent injuries on slippery surfaces and to maintain personal hygiene, visitors must use the rubber soled shoes for movement around the Aqua Park. During the going stairs Visitors are obliged to hold on to handrails, railings.

10.6. The Aquapark does not accept Visitors things (it does not provide storage services), but only provides them with personal lockers, the Administration is not responsible for the left in them, as well as for the clothes left and lost in the territory of the Aquapark / Complex , shoes, documents, mobile phones, photos and video cameras, money, jewelry and other things Visitors.

The Administration does not consider the claims on this matter, compensation is not paid.

Section 11. Rules of conduct on water attractions and in water park pools

11.1. The territory of basins and water attractions refers to the zone of increased danger. Visitors who are on this territory are obliged to observe the rules of safety during using the water attractions and swimming pools.

11.2. The order of visitors passage to all attractions is regulated by instructors of the Aquapark.

11.3. The water park includes the following restrictions on weight and growth: visitors whose weight exceeds 120 kilograms are prohibited to visit all water slides; children under the height of 120 cm are not allowed to all water slides, except for children; children under 14 y/o are not allowed to visit the attractions: Kamikaze hill, Pipe-free fall hill, Space tunnel tunnel, Hill-boogie hill.

11.4. Information about water attractions.

11.4.1. The launching platforms contain information about the attraction technical parameters, limitations in descent, allowed safe shoots in the form of inscriptions and pictograms, as well as the types of hazardous effects. On the launch platforms and in the pool areas there are Aquapark - instructors. The visitor is obliged to fulfill the requirements of the Aquapark instructors unquestioningly. The visitor can ask the instructor for more information.

11.4.2. The list of water slides, their purpose, technical characteristics:
Wave pool
There are 24 different waves programs (waves of "classical" form, triangular waves, boiling, rotating waves, "wave-cocktails", etc.). Waves can reach one meter. The water temperature is 28-30 ° C.
Hydromassage pool
Swimming pool with aeromassage, a geyser and a water cannon. The water temperature is 28-30 ° C.
"Open" Slide (green hill)
Descent way: on the back, legs crossed and directed forward, arms crossed on the chest.
Slide length - 55 m
Starting height 8 m
Recommended age from 10 years (height from 110 cm.).
"Multislide" slide (yellow slide)
Descent way: sitting, legs crossed and directed forward, hands holding a rug. The starting position is maintained until the finish. Descent from the hill is carried out on the mat (rug).
Slide length - 25 m.
Starting height 8 m
Recommended age from 10 years (height from 120 cm).
"Kamikaze" slide (orange slide)
Descent way: on the back, legs crossed and directed forward, arms crossed on the chest.
Slide length - 25 m.
Starting height 8 m
Recommended age from 14 years (height from 140 cm.).
"Pipe - free fall" slide (blue slide)
Descent way: on the back, legs crossed and directed forward, arms crossed on the chest.
Slide length - 25 m.
Starting height 8 m
Recommended age from 14 years (height from 140 cm.).
"Rafting" slide (blue hill)
Descent way: sitting on the circle face forward, legs facing forward, hands on the handrails. Descent from the hill is carried out on a single or double circle.
Slide length - 84 m
Starting height 8 m
Recommended age from 10 years (height from 120 cm).
"Space tunnel" slide (white-orange slide with funnel)
Descent way: on the back, legs crossed and directed forward, arms crossed on the chest.
Slide length - 19 m
Start height 8 m + funnel
Recommended age from 14 years (height from 140 cm.).
"Hill buggy" slide
Descent way: sitting on the circle face forward, legs facing forward, hands on the handrails. Descent from the hill is carried out on a single circle.
Slide length - 34 m
Start height 11 m
Access to Hill "Bugi" is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age.
Climbing Wall
The "climbing wall" simulates a mountain relief, height is 4 meters. For your safety under the "Cliff Wall" there is a swimming pool 4x2 m, depth 2.5 m, age restriction from 14 years.
The water temperature in Jacuzzi is 35-39 ° C.
Children's pool "Pumpkin"
Multi-hill "Pumpkin". The water depth is 60 cm. The slide for preschool and primary school children.
Children's pool-fountain "Fungus" and a shower-fountain "Chicken Tweety"
Children's swimming pool. The water depth is 30 cm. For preschool and primary school children.
Fonts in the bath complex
Fonts in a bath complex with different temperatures water: 12 ° C, 23-25 ° C, 26-29 ° C. Visiting the font is included in the ticket price.
Russian sauna
The temperature in the Russian bath is 80-90 ° C, humidity 40-60%. Visiting a bath is included in the ticket price.
Finnish sauna
The temperature in the Finnish sauna is 110 ° C, the humidity is less than 10%. Visiting a bath is included in the ticket price.
The temperature in the Turkish hammam is 40 ° C, humidity is 100%. Visiting a bath is included in the ticket price.
11.5. General rules for descent from water slides:

11.5.1. Before starting the descent from the water slides, the visitor must carefully study the rules of using the attractions, since water slides have restrictions on weight, age and health.

11.5.2. The launching of visitors from water slides is carried out only with the permission of the instructor after the previous visitor is driven off and the zone of excavation is released to him,

11.5.3. During the movement along the water slide runway, the visitor must maintain the pose initially accepted for descent and not violate the prohibitions specified in these Rules,

11.5.4. In order to avoid possible injuries, after descent from the slides, the Visitor must immediately leave the receiving basin (the zone for the splashdown) ,

11.5.5. It is forbidden to go down from the slides without water supply - in all cases of disconnecting the automatic water supply to the slides,

11.5.6. Visitors use the attractions under their responsibility at their own peril and risk

11.6. It is FORBIDDEN on All water attractions (hills) :

11.6.1. to use auxiliary means for descent not provided by the construction of attraction;

11.6.2. to use an attraction for persons wearing glasses, masks, shoes, with chains, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings and other ornaments;

11.6.3. to use an attraction with long flowing hair;

11.6.4. to use an attraction with body weight and growth that is not in accordance with the parameters specified in the instruction (rules) for using the water attraction;

11.6.5. to use the attraction yourself, without the instructor permission , as well as with violation of the authorized positions for the descent;

11.6.6. to swing the sides of the slides when you descend on the circles;

11.6.7. The instructor of the Aquapark independently assesses the situation on the attraction and has the right to decide on the termination of the general access to attraction using, for safety operation and preventing the possibility of getting trauma by visitor.

11.7. Information about the pools:

11.7.1 It is FORBIDDEN in all swimming pools of the Water Park:

11.7.1. clog the pool water, throw foreign objects into pools, stop special sprayers and jets, jump on the grilles of drain holes and gutters;

11.7.2. run, jump, make sharp movements, push other visitors, climb on fences, bridges and decorative figures;

11.7.3. jump and dive into the water from the sides, hold each other under the water, hold your breath under water, shout, use acrobatic jumps;

11.7.4. Visitors are required to comply with instructors requirements and instruction and respond to their signals and warnings.

Section 12. Rules for visiting the sauna and bath

12.1. Visiting the sauna by persons with cardiovascular diseases should be performed only after consulting a doctor.

12.2. During visiting a sauna and a bath, visitors are forbidden to drink alcohol and low alcohol drinks.

12.3. During staying in the sauna, visitors are required to use individual towels.

12.4. It is strictly forbidden to pour water and other substances onto the sauna oven. It is forbidden to bring to sauna aerosol liquids, food and drinks.

12.5. Visitors can not use sauna brooms.

12.6. Visitors are prohibited to adjust appliances located in sauna rooms and saunas.

Section 13. Rules for visiting the Jacuzzi

13.1. During visiting the jacuzzi Visitors should hold on tightly to the handrails when entering and leaving the bowl (there are protrusions).

13.2. Diving under the water in jacuzzi is prohibited.

Section 14. Rules for visiting the Aquapark catering zone  

14.1. It is forbidden to: smoke, litter and disrupt the sanitary condition in the catering area (throw away the remains of food and dishes outside the urns, spit on the floor, throw chewing gum); bring food, drinks, except children's special food; violate the generally accepted norms of behavior in public places, rude staff and visitors, etc.

14.2. Because of the water park is a zone of increased danger, visitors are obliged to monitor the amount of alcohol they consume, adequately assess their physical condition, understand the risks of being in the alcoholic state near the water and listen to the comments of bar staff about the amount of alcohol they drink.

14.3. The provision of catering services is provided for cash, accrued on an electronic bracelet.

14.4. It is forbidden to take food and drinks outside the territory of cafes and bars. To take food or drinks outside the catering facilities is possible only with  Administration permission, only in a packed form and with a check.

Section 15. Procedure for Providing Visitors with Medical Assistance

15.1. All Aqua Park Visitors are entitled to be provided  first aid. In case of ailment or injury, the Visitor is obliged to go to the medical center located on the first floor of Aqua Park.

15.2. The medical staff of the Water Park does not issue certificates, sick leave sheets, official opinions, extracts.

15.3. The Water Park medical staff provides first aid, and if necessary, reserves the right to call an ambulance.

Section 16. Responsibility for Rules violation

16.1. In case of loss or damage the Aquapark property through the Visitor fault , he is obliged to reimburse the damage caused, as well as to be responsible for other violations committed by him in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

16.2. If the bracelet is lost, the visitor reimburses the aquapark for its cost 3000 rubles for adult bracelet, 300 rubles for children's bracelet. If the adult bracelet is damaged, the visitor reimburses the aquapark for its value 300 rubles, 300 rubles for a children's bracelet.

16.3. For smoking in places not allocated for this, the visitor is obliged to pay a fine 5000 rubles.

16.4. For loss or damage  the cloakroom number, the visitor pays a fine 500 rubles.

16.5. Claims related to deficiencies of the provided service may be presented by the Visitor only in writing during the accepting the service or during its rendering. The procedure and terms for the claims satisfaction are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

16.6. After expiration of the paid time (the purchased tariff), each bracelet is charged with the delay in amount according to the price list approved by the administration. Expiration - overtime spent by the visitor in the water park. Delay lasting less than 30 minutes is rounded to 30 minutes and paid as a delay in 30 minutes. The overdraft system is repeated every 30 minutes.

Section 17. The procedure for visitors in the case of an emergency

17.1. In case of emergency situation - natural disasters, man-caused disasters, fire, etc., visitors should not panic.

17.2. Visitors are required to clearly execute the commands of the attendants

17.3. After the personnel signal or an alarm signal by the notification system, visitors should release, leave attractions and swimming pools, locker rooms, bars, restaurants, bathrooms and so on. and go to open areas, leave the water park, using emergency exits, fire escape stairs.

17.5. Adult should ensure the safe evacuation of children.

17.6. The meeting place of evacuated visitors is: - car parking in front of the entrance to the shopping center "Atoll"