700 rubles / UNLIMITED ticket at the TARIFF
All STUDENTS (all forms of education), PENSIONERS/DISABLED people, LARGE FAMILIES, employees of the trade UNION

The promotion is valid only upon presentation of a valid supporting document:

-for students (all forms of education) - student card/record book or certificate from the University with the seal of the current year (1 document = 1 ticket for the promotion)
-for pensioners-pension certificate and passport (1 set of documents = 1 ticket for the promotion)
-for disabled people-a disability certificate and passport (1 set of documents = 1 ticket for the promotion)
-for veterans-veteran's certificate (1 document = 1 ticket for the promotion)
-for large families-a certificate of a large family or a parent's passport, where at least 3 children are entered (the promotion is valid for each representative of a large family)
-for employees of the UNION - discount/e-card a trade Union official, Union card or certificate with the seal of the organization that the visitor is in the Union, the documents must be current 2020 (1 visitor = 1 the action on the ticket). If the document does not specify the expiration date, then this information must be confirmed by a certificate with a seal from the trade Union Committee.
For the Birthday boy (child 5-13 years old/teenager 14+/adult 18+) and his 3 friends, the tariff "unlimited" at the price of the tariff "3 hours "! The promotion is valid on the day of Birth and 5 days after the date of Birth upon presentation of a supporting document.
* Tickets for the promotion can only be purchased AT the ticket OFFICE of the water PARK, on the day of the visit, according to a confirmation document, on a first-come, first- served basis
* In order to receive the promotion, the visitor must present a supporting document BEFORE making the purchase of entrance tickets
Waiting for YOU!